Photo Testimonials

  • Great services, excellent and timely support from the staff. Compared to other competitors in the market, the prices here are relatively lower!

    Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) LOCATION: Nakuru County, Kenya SERVICE: Training: (Stata & SPSS)
  • The training we received from STEMRE was very helpful and timely. From it, a majority of the students were able to use mathematical software for their projects with ease.

    University of Nairobi Organizations (MANU, NUSSA, NASA & ECOSA) LOCATION: Nairobi County, Kenya SERVICE: Training (Matlab, Stata, R, SPSS)
  • The facilators were organized and related every concept learned with the market. The post training support was also helpful and served as a strong foundation for future research.

    Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) LOCATION: Nairobi County, Kenya SERVICE: Training: (Stata & R)

At STEM RESEARCH, we are committed to delivering practical and robust competence base services and solutions that compare to none in the market.

We take pride in a diverse and dedicated team of learning and development mathematics experts who are proven in the areas of mathematical training, research, modeling, forecasting and software development.

Our competent staff posses the necessary skills and expertise to drive decision making by evidence based practices for your organization.

Our vision is to be a leading and expert resource centre to the education sector and the business community through quality instruction and a team of dedicated faculty.